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Award-winning Chicago-based Singer/Songwriter, Producer & Audio Engineer. Specializing in corporate entertainment and events, as well as audio production at his Skyblynde Studio facility in Illinois.



Show Schedule




AUG 01 - WED @ 6:00 PM Aurelio's 330 W State St, Geneva, IL
AUG 02 - THU @ 6:30 PM Francesca's 3124 IL-59, Naperville, IL
AUG 03 - FRI @ 8:00 PM Eddie Gaedel's 117 N Main St, Elburn, IL
AUG 04 - SAT @ 8:00 PM Private Event Chicago, IL
AUG 09 - THU @ 6:30 PM Private Event Wheaton, IL
AUG 10 - FRI @ 8:00 PM Vintage 53 162 S 1st St, St. Charles, IL
AUG 11 - SAT @ 6:00 PM Fiora's 317 S 3rd St, Geneva, IL - FULL BAND
AUG 12 - SUN @ 10:00 AM Salternative Spa 1541 E Fabyan Pkwy #161, Geneva, IL
AUG 16 - THU @ 7:30 PM Private Event Geneva, IL
AUG 18 - SAT @ 7:15 PM Private Event Highland Park, IL
AUG 22 - WED @ 6:00 PM Aurelio's 330 W State St, Geneva, IL
AUG 23 - THU @ 6:00 PM Fiora's 317 S 3rd St, Geneva, IL - FULL BAND
AUG 24 - FRI @ 6:00 PM Private Event Aurora, IL
AUG 25 - SAT @ 8:30 AM Ira's Bagels 9471 Ackman Rd, Lake of the Hills, IL
AUG 25 - SAT @ 1:00 PM Private Event Schaumburg, IL
AUG 25 - SAT @ 7:00 PM Private Event Geneva, IL
AUG 28 - TUE @ 7:00 PM Marriott Naperville 1801 N Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL
SEP 02 - SUN @ 5:00 PM Private Event St. Charles, IL
SEP 07 - FRI @ 6:00 PM Naperville Country Club Naperville, IL
SEP 08 - SAT @ 5:00 PM Festival of the Vine Main Stage - Downtown Geneva, IL
SEP 08 - SAT @ 8:00 PM Private Event Geneva, IL
SEP 09 - SUN @ 1:00 PM Aurelio's 330 W State St, Geneva, IL
SEP 22 - SAT @ 1:00 PM Private Event Schaumburg, IL
SEP 22 - SAT @ 8:00 PM Vintage 53 162 S 1st St, St. Charles, IL
SEP 29 - SAT @ 7:30 PM Private Event Mountain Lakes, NJ


Whether traveling the globe for major corporations like Sharp, Samsung, & 3M, or just rocking some tunes at a backyard party, Gregory will bring the perfect level of ambience and energy to your event. Click below for details and references.



Not a mere party - imagine your favorite artist playing an intimate performance at a small theatre. Now swap the theatre for your house. This is an interactive deep dive into the stories and emotions behind the songs. Certain to be one of the most memorable nights of the year for you and your friends.



Nope, no Freebird.
But in case you want to know some of the popular cover songs that Gregory DOES play, you can check this list out. Hiring Gregory for an event? Feel free to make a custom playlist using these songs.



Original & Custom Songs & Sounds
Music for Film, TV & Advertising

Custom production for sync licensing. One-stop clearance & stems available.

Custom Songs

Request a custom song for your project or special occasion/relationship.


Add Gregory's voice (or caricature/accent) to your commercial, audio book, etc.


A music addict is rarely satisfied with silence. All manner of delectible sounds are moments away, whether they be selections from Gregory's catalog of original songs or custom sounds for you and your project.

Contact us for more info.




Gregory Hyde is a Chicago-based Singer/Songwriter who has received comparisons to a broad array of artists such as Weezer, The Eagles, and Jellyfish.

Hyde has toured North America, both as an original artists, as well as providing the entertainment for major corporate events. He has performed live on national radio, had his songs placed in award-winning films, documentaries, & shows, sold over 7,000 copies of his independently produced albums, is a recipient of the Billboard Music Songwriting award, and still plays upwards of 200 solo acoustic shows and private events a year.

Gregory has toured with and shared the stage with noteable performers like Jay Leno, Jim Gaffigan, Pat Benatar, 10,000 Maniacs, Sister Hazel, Gin Blossoms, Los Lonely Boys, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Smithereens, The Jayhawks, Edwin McCain, Tesla, America, Guster, The Fixx, Air Supply, Blood Sweat & Tears, Bo Bice, asnd many others.

“Hyde seamlessly leaps across genres and effortlessly blends classic and modern covers with originals that hold their ground among chart-topping hits.” - Chicago Sun-Times

“First-class pop rock centered on accessible song arrangement and big choruses …seasoned songwriting and near-perfect melodic rock primed for the masses.” - VOX Magazine


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